Approach / Orientation

Depositphotos 32150639 originalThrough my interactive style, I assist people in turning toward their deep inner wisdom to facilitate healing. I am committed to providing a safe, warm, and comfortable atmosphere for those that have the courage to engage in this profound process. Therapy is about change and transformation—transmuting fear and anxiety to courage and honesty; grief, sadness, and loss to self efficacy; inner conflict and perfectionism to ego strength and resilience; and low self image and fear of connection to self knowledge, acceptance, and mature dependency in relationships. Therapy is often sought because symptoms become overwhelming. Whether one is suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, relationship challenges, academic/learning problems, social phobia, or disinterest/apathy, psychotherapy provides a landscape facilitating healing and growth.

However, therapy consists of more than the abatement of symptoms; it is about expanding the identity in order to engage more fully with the many aspects of the self that may have been hidden. Also, psychotherapy enhances the strength to feel a broad spectrum of emotions without fear of losing control, while deepening one’s personal capacities to engage more fully in the necessity of the present moment. I help people understand and challenge the places where they feel stuck and turn toward their gifts and strengths rather than engage in old defensive patterns that are no longer useful.

Having many years of experience working with adolescents and teens of all ages, I know providing a confidential setting is paramount to the success of the therapeutic process. Teens thrive in therapy when they are able to speak openly about their issues. So I maintain the confidentiality of my young clients within clinically appropriate limits, but will communicate with parents at regular intervals during the process providing them with a general outline of therapeutic goals and the progress toward achievement of them.