Thank you for your interest in my psychotherapy practice.  Since the relationship between client and therapist provides the bedrock for growth, change, and healing in the therapy process; the importance of finding a practitioner you are comfortable talking with is paramount. The information you will find in this website is designed to assist you in making this important choice.

About Me

2b4I am licensed psychologist with a private practice located in the heart of downtown Davis. In the ten years I have been in practice, I have worked with a wide variety of clients including teens, college/graduate students, and adults of all ages. I come to the profession of psychology in midlife bringing a down to earth, eclectic approach to guiding individuals through a process of transformation.

I feel privileged to work as a psychologist—it is the most meaningful and rewarding work I have ever done. I began my career in my early twenties in clothing and department stores as a manager. I enjoyed the social nature of the work, but wanted to impact people’s lives through education using the skills and knowledge I acquired while earning my Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Humanities. So in my mid-twenties, I returned to college and earned a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English. My passionate interest in literature and writing along with my commitment to helping others kept me in teaching secondary reading and English for 13 years. Although I recognized I made a difference in the lives of young people, I wanted to understand them at a deeper level in order to help with psychological issues.

So I returned to school and earned a Master of Science degree in Educational Counseling and subsequently became a high school guidance counselor for five years. The counseling of students and their parents was deeply satisfying, but I longed to learn more about psychological issues outside of the educational setting. Again I returned to school and began the long journey toward a Ph.D. in Psychology and a license to practice as a Psychologist.  My professional experience combined with the excellent training I received as an intern at Yolo Family Service Agency and Yolo County Mental Health set me on path to opening a private practice.

Areas of Expertise :

  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Grief/Loss/Transitions
  • Adolescent Issues/Parenting
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Academic Challenges
  • Spiritual Issues